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High risk merchant account provider iPayDNA
Online payment processing Gatway for worldwide merchants
to accept online payments via credit/debit cards & eCheck
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Resources - Integration Document (API)


Seamless Integration Effort For Our Merchants To Kick Start Their Online Businesses. provides various ways for merchants to process payments through the payment gateway.  You can now download all the Integration Document (API) below for your reference.

Please take note, by downloading the integration Document (API) below, you are agreeing to accept the terms of the iPayDNA International Ltd. User Agreement.

* iPayDNA Payment Gateway Integration Document
Sale (Hosted E-Payment page)
Sending form variable information to designated gateDNA e-Payment Page URL.
Integration Authorization API to consume/invoke gateDNA SOAP web service.
Integration Capture API to consume/invoke gateDNA SOAP web service. (Request when merchant have approved authorization response.)
Executing credit card void transaction via gateDNA SOAP web service.
Executing credit card refund transaction via gateDNA SOAP web service.

* This is ONLY a list of general payment methods available in iPayDNA Payment Gateway. Please keep in mind that the availability of each payment method is depending on the processors/banks connected to you.

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